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BGW & Research Network Health

Together for health promotion and prevention

The Employer's Liability Insurance Association for Health Services and Welfare Care

The BGW and the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society have joined forces to promote prevention and health promotion at work. We implement our joint mission through information and advice as well as education and research.

The BGW is the statutory accident insurance provider for non-governmental institutions in the health and welfare services. A large number of closely interlinked measures are required to ensure healthy, motivated professional practice. This requires a good structure and a systematic approach within the company. Our aim is to enable employees to work well and healthily throughout their working lives.
Occupational health and safety is a key element in implementing this as a responsible but also rewarding task. Because occupational health and safety makes you successful. It prevents unnecessary and serious injuries and illnesses. It reduces the costs of staff absences and the disruption to operational processes. And it increases the commitment and motivation of employees and thus promotes productivity. Management and executives, as well as employees, play a key role in the operational implementation. Further information on the BGW can be found here

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Andrea Kuhn

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